• "I recently cooked BBQ for a gathering. I purchased a Boston Butt from T&D Farms and unfortunately needed more than I had originally estimated. I was forced to go to the local grocery store chain and purchase another Boston Butt. I decided to cook the two cuts of meat identically in two separate cookers so I could compare the differences.

    The results were shocking! The T&D Farms cut of meat had hardly any fat at all. It took only 5 minutes to de-bone, remove any excess fat and shred the meat to serve. The local grocery store cut of meat was swimming in fat! (I wish I had taken a photo to show how much fat was there because I will never purchase or cook that same piece of meat to show my findings. My husband and daughter both witnessed it though!) It took nearly 30 minutes to remove the excess fat which was literally between the strands of meat. The process was messy and time-consuming.

    Although the T&D Farms cut of meat was smaller and cost more, I learned that I really received more for my money. Not only was the cut of meat much leaner and healthier, but we were able to use nearly ALL of the product. It was also much easier to prepare which in the end saved me time. I don't know about you, but I am always thankful for a little more time and ease in my life."

    April Satterfield